About Herbucha

Eva’s Herbucha combines naturally occurring healing properties found in kombucha with the wonderful flavors and healing effects of organic herbal, green,  and black teas. We use only the finest organic and wild-harvest ingredients to craft our distinctive and delicious beverages.

Our company’s philosophy is to treat Mother Earth gently and with respect. For example, we use only recycled paper for our office and advertising materials, 98% of our packaging materials are produced in Portland, OR and our bottles are made of recycled glass.

History of Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea originating in China and was referred to as the Remedy of Immortality. The first records found date back to the Qin Dynasty around 250 BC. From there it traveled to Russia and Japan and made its way to Germany around the turn of the century. It became quite popular across Europe until World War II with the shortage of tea and sugar it disappeared, but has since made a comeback and has recently become quite popular in the western world.

The Healing Effects

Herbucha is rich in antioxidants and probiotic acids, offering a powerful energy boost. It is said to detoxify and cleanse the blood of disease causing toxins. This may alleviate or even completely heal disorders like intestinal problems, digestive disorders, arthritis pains and kidney stones.

With the added elements of Herbucha’s herbal ingredients, each product offers distinct health benefits. Whether you are looking to get a jumpstart, relieve anxiety, detoxify the body, bounce back from a hangover, or simply relax and support your overall immune system, Eva’s Herbucha delivers a clean, crisp flavor that feels and tastes good going down.

We invite you to take a sip and experience inner goodness.

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