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Kombucha Starter KitsFor over 14 years now my kombucha culture has been producing delicious, healthy kombucha for me. It grew and multiplied to sustain and expand with my growing business and it is multiplying still! After giving it some thought, I realized that it is a shame to throw away all these beautiful cultures and began making starter kits instead. This way you too can make this wonderful health elixir for yourself and your family at home. It is really very easy and with my starter kit you have everything you need for your first gallon of home brewed kombucha. All you need to get is a one gallon wide-mouth glass jar, a rubber band, and a paper towel or clean cloth to cover the jar during fermentation.

The Kombucha Starter Kit includes all the ingredients you need to make your first gallon of organic kombucha: One organic kombucha mother with starter liquid, one cup of organic, fair trade sugar, 5 teaspoons of organic Oolong tea, and instructions. Comes in a beautiful gift box.

Kombucha Starter Kit
Cost: $17 + shipping  (PORTLANDERS! If you want to save shipping cost, you can buy them at the following locations: The Herb Shoppe, and  THS Pharmacy. or at our farmers market booth.

To order more than one starter kit please choose the quantity once you are on the Paypal page. Shipping will be calculated accordingly on the same page. Thank you!

Want to buy our bottles online? You can do so at Wild Mountain Paleo Market.