Eva’s Story

Eva SipplEva Sippl is a licensed natural health practitioner (“Heilpraktiker”, licensed in Germany), a polarity therapist, and reiki master. Eva made kombucha for years at home for her own enjoyment. She discovered on a visit to her home country in 2007 that kombuchas made in Germany are also brewed with herbal teas. This inspired Eva to combine her passion for kombucha with her knowledge of herbal healing properties.

After conducting extensive research on the herbal approach to kombucha brewing, Eva then decided to add some green tea to the herbal brew to ensure the culture’s health. She started to create different recipes in her kitchen and gave them to her friends to try. People loved them and were so excited about the idea of integrating herbal teas into the kombucha brew that Eva decided to rent a brewing facility in Portland, Oregon and bring them into stores to sell.

Eva shows her commitment to support the health of the planet and the people populating it by using only the finest organic and wild harvested ingredients. Pacific Botanicals, and Frontier Coop, the suppliers for all the herbs and teas used in her products, have been a long-time leader in sustainable and responsible sourcing. The sugar used in the brewing process is 100% certified organic and fair trade.

Eva’s Herbucha has been growing steadily and more and more stores are stocking their shelves with her 7 amazing flavors.

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